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Side by Side Comparison
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Your old software isn’t cutting it. The systems don’t talk to each other and they’re neither easy to use nor easy to update. And the cost of an update, both in time and resources, is more than you want to spend.

So, you know you need to make a systems change. To one where your ticketing, corporate partner and operations teams can all see the same data and work together more effectively. To one that’s easy to use and provides all the reports you need.

No more standalone CRMs and ticketing programs. No more disconnected data sources. No more manual spreadsheets. And no more miscommunication between departments.

Now you have to decide – build a custom system or outsource to a company like KORE Software, which offers a comprehensive suite of pre-built applications for Ticketing and Fan Engagement, Sponsorship and Partner Engagement, Suites and Premium, and Data Warehouse and Analytics. 

There are trade-offs to both options. Some believe custom-built systems can offer more customization and become exactly what your staff thinks it needs. But, they tend to be more expensive in the long run, carry far more risk and shoulder heavy maintenance taxes. On the other hand, outsourced systems provide one-stop shopping, from implementation to training to continuing support.

As with any decision of this magnitude, there are many factors to think about. So here is a detailed side-by-side comparison of each route to help your decision making.