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We live in a data-rich world.

Sport fans and administrators have always been obsessive about numbers and statistics. But, now more than ever before, today’s sporting ecosystem generates huge amounts of raw data – most pertinently in the business and marketing of sport. Every interaction with fans in stadiums, on social media, and everywhere in between creates new troves of data. And while that data can be the key to unlocking great fan interactions and measurable return on investment for sponsors, the sporting industry has been comparatively slow to realize the full potential that such a technology-rich future offers.

Most sporting organizations are barely able to scratch the surface of the potential insights available in both historical and real-time data, but a data warehousing solution allows teams and associations to funnel data into a centralized platform for analysis and generate real-time, holistic insights.

In this whitepaper, senior executives from Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, the Atlanta Hawks, and the Dallas Stars will detail how the implementation of a data warehousing solution can have a transformative effect for organizations, allowing them to tackle emerging challenges, including data security and consumer privacy, single view of customer and hyper-personalization, and business efficiency.

We’ll also explore how some of the world’s most advanced and iconic sporting organizations are using data warehousing to revolutionize their approach to business intelligence, and how a data warehousing solution can underpin next-generation insights across all areas of a business. From ticket sales, attendance, food and beverage, sponsorship, and insights, no part of sport and entertainment will remain untouched by this revolution.