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May organizations today use CRM to help improve your partner relationships and maximize sponsorship revenue. We see great usage of our KORE Software Sponsorship & Partner Engagement application to manage inventory, create proposals, generate contracts and track fulfillment of assets. However, one thing that we feel is often overlooked is the basic activity and relationship data utilization.

Collecting your “soft data” is equally as important as your “hard data,” especially for your top-spending partners. In our experience, the problem isn’t a lack of interest as much as not understanding what to collect, making sure it’s easy to collect, and identifying what actions should be taken. In other words, If I’m going to push my staff to do the work, how can I ensure we get quality data that we can extract value from?

To help you answer that questions, we’ve compiled this list of tips and best practices that will help incentivize your team to collect and utilize your “soft”, or relationship, data.